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WordPress Theme Bootcamp Resources

If you are planning on attending the Theme Bootcamp on Sunday, here is some information on what you should have ready beforehand.

Laptop Computer

Bring your laptop. These sessions will involve a hands on approach, walking you through the theme development processes step by step. Be prepared to follow along.

Local Server

You will need a local server running on your machine in order to work with an install of WordPress. If you have this already, that’s great! If not, we will have assistance at the “Happiness Bar” (located in the boat room on the lower level) throughout the day Saturday. Please make time to stop by and get some help setting up a server so you’re ready to go on Sunday.

We encourage you to setup your local server with a free version of “Desktop Server” – the easiest and fastest way to get a local WordPress install up and running! This is the environment that the Happiness Bar will be assisting with as well. You can grab a copy here:

For more details on what will be covered during each session and to get all of the assets you will need for it, please visit

Get Ready!

WordCamp San Diego 2015 is just around the corner!
Here are some helpful tips and to-do’s to get you ready for the big weekend:

Finalize your travel plans

Whether you’re carpooling down or flying in, make sure you have your travel arrangements in order!

Book your hotel

If you need lodging, book A.S.A.P. Downtown San Diego is a popular destination and hotels book up faster than you might think. You can find some helpful travel-related information on our Lodging and Travel page.

Update your ticket information

If you haven’t finalized your ticket info (food choices, T-shirt size etc.) or if you booked multiple tickets for friends/colleagues, please login and update your ticket info as soon as you can.

If you booked multiple tickets – all of the ticket info is in your name until you update. Your name will be associated with the tickets at check-in AND printed on the name badges.

In order to update ticket info, please locate the confirmation email you received from titled “Your Ticket to WordCamp San Diego”, then click the link at the bottom to open your ticket information.

Can’t make it? 🙁

In the event you can not attend, we kindly ask that you take the necessary steps to get a refund on your purchase. This will not only help us get our attendance count in order, but also open up available spots to those who are waiting for openings.

Requesting a Refund

If you need to refund a ticket, please locate the confirmation email you received from titled “Your Ticket to WordCamp San Diego”. Click the link in the email to be taken to your ticket details page, and click the “Refund” button to complete the process.

After your ticket has been refunded it will become available for purchase through the website.

Tickets Going on Sale!

We are excited to announce that tickets for WCSD 2015 will be going on sale next week!

Please mark your calendars for Monday, February 2nd at 11:00AM PST.

Don’t be late! Tickets for this event sell out quickly (within a matter of hours) and we expect this year to be sold out in record time!

Please subscribe to our email list* to be notified as soon as tickets go on sale.

*Subscription form is in the footer of this site.

Getting to know Shaimoom Newaz

Shaimoom Newaz is an art, code and bass enthusiast.

As a kid, copying Frank Miller and Jae Lee figures, he discovered an ability to transcribe what his creative core was yearning to express. After years of ink and acrylic renderings of his imagination, he reluctantly embraced the digital landscape. However, he thrived with his fellow creatives at the UCLA Design | Media Arts Program. With time, learning, practice and mentorship, he found myself loving the new possibilities with the digital world.

Shaimoom embraced code like the new girlfriend of his best friend: knowing he should be nice and get to know her, but reluctant to understand her for fear of her disturbing a familiar relationship. It turned out that front-end development was another exciting medium for his creativity. As his aesthetic was changing to more minimalist, color-heavy design, learning CSS and JavaSctipt allowed him to make magic with lines and grids in browsers. Today, he is a designer/developer evangelist who trains young unicorns how to fly.

Bass (as in music, not fish) has been a part of Shaimoom since the teen years. He has DJed for almost 2 decades, so music has always been a part of the equation. Even though he loves songs across the music genre spectrum, bass music affects his core and allows him to find energy when he needs it most, harmony when he’s feeling disjointed and a smile on his face in traffic while everyone else is road raging.

Shaimoom will be hosting the Design Track Panel titled, “What’s Your Workflow?”

The panel will be a Q and A style session with questions coming from both Shaimoom and the audience. Some topics will likely cover:

  • Inspiration: In web design, where does it come from? Where do the experts look ti find it?
  • Creation: What do we use to create? For both the designer and developer, there are new tools constantly coming out…what are people using?
  • Materialization: I have created. Now what? Take your creation and give it value: there are plenty of tools to help facilitate materialization of our creative ideas all the way to bank!
  • Contribution: Giving back. Contribution takes many forms: Forums, bug fixes, hacker challenges, meetups, WordCamps, etc. Where can you contribute?

Getting to know Nikhil Vimal

Nikhil Vimal is a 15 year-old WordPress developer with a knack for building cool things with WordPress. He’s been heavily involved with the WordPress community for about 2 years. He has contributed to multiple projects including WordPress core and numerous plugins. He can be found tweeting @TechVoltz and blogging at

Nikhil will be speaking on “The Magic of Enqueuing”.

What is wp_enqueue_script? What is wp_enqueue_style? Well, if you’re asking these questions, this is the session for you! Nikhil will be answering these questions and helping YOU become a better theme or plugin developer. Developing the right way is not always easy, but with a bit of help, you’ll be adding scripts and styles in WordPress the right way in no time.