Getting to know Ansel Taft

Ansel Taft is a San Diego front end developer. He’s still in love with his entry point into web development, CSS, and is currently winning the battle to learn JavaScript as fast as possible. ‘As possible’ is a relative term though. Ansel juggles a schedule around his beloved family of three (soon to be four), full-time employment, SaaS side business, personal projects, and the occasional bit of help for a friend to squash a website issue.

In his free time Ansel helps administer a handful of Facebook groups including Advanced WordPress and WordPress Hosting. It’s a constant challenge to keep thousands of members happy. Some days it’s easy breezy in the neighborhood. Other days would sour professional cat wranglers. Through it all he learned that an admin needs to be patient, empathetic, mindful of members’ interests, and to abstain from injecting one’s feelings into replies as often as humanly as possible. It’s Facebook for crying out loud; let’s have a bit of fun while we chat about WordPress.

WCSD 2015 Panelist – HELP ME! How to Help Others Help You

This panel-style discussion will cover the following topics and is an open forum through which we encourage our attendees to ask questions.

We will cover:

  • The basics of letting people know what info they need to provide in order to get the best support possible – whether in the forums or from their designer/developer.
  • How to get your “Helper” the details they need related to your hosting environment, WordPress version, browser, etc.
  • Tips on what to try on your own, before even asking for help.