Getting to Know Chris Ford

Chris became a storyteller in the third grade when she wrote and bound her first book. She became a graphic designer in junior high when she was introduced to a proportion wheel and Proper Cropper as co-editor of the yearbook. She became a computer nerd when she discovered the Mac and Pagemaker as a journalism student in high school. When she stepped foot into her first college graphic design classroom she knew she’d found her life’s work in a field that combined all three of those passions. Over the last 18 years the tools and technologies she’s used have changed, but her design philosophy has stayed the same: she helps her clients tell their unique story—the story of who they are and why their customers will love them.

WCSD 2015 Session: Finding Design Resources

For 18 years Chris has been an avid collector of fonts, Photoshop plugins, and stock illustration and photography. Knowing where to find these tools can not only make your designs look better, but save you valuable time and money. In this session she’ll share her favorite resources and how she uses them in her design work. If you’d like to learn more about Chris’ techniques for customizing stock illustrations, building wireframes more efficiently and attractively, or creating unique infographics (and where she finds the resources to do all that cool stuff) you won’t want to miss this session!