Getting to know Dave Jesch

Dave Jesch is the Principal and CTO at SpectrOM Technologies, a web application development firm specializing in systems integration, custom plugins and eCommerce solutions.

Dave had his first paying gig with a CPA at the age of 16. In his 20’s, he developed and packaged his first software product, Win:Probe. This new technology quickly gained popularity among developers and became a huge success.

Backed by 35+ years of experience in software development, Dave has consulted and worked with many large companies such as Disney, IBM and Symantec, specializing in architecting and prototyping 1.0 products.

As a full stack developer with a passion in object-oriented programming, he pushes WordPress to the limit bridging traditional architectural techniques with innovative creative strategies.

Having a great cup of coffee in the morning while putting 0’s and 1’s in various formats is priceless in his eyes. He will geek out between sessions for a donut!

WCSD Session: Object Oriented Programming and WordPress

Scalability and stability is a MUST in today’s plugin development world. A solid architecture promotes healthy expandable code. Objected Oriented Programming can take your code into new realms of possibilities.

For beginners, the benefits of Object Oriented Programming will be shared in comparison to Procedural code, along with basic principles and techniques.

For intermediate developers, step by step how-to’s will be presented in this session if you are looking to make a smooth transition into Objected Oriented Programming.

For experienced WordPress Developers wanting to take their code to the next level, practical tips and examples will be provided for immediate implementation. Yes! There will be code.