Getting to know David Sutoyo

David Sutoyo is a freelance designer and developer based in Southern California. He started learning CSS years ago as a means to translate his designs for the web. Since learning WordPress, he enjoys crafting themes that utilize the power of the platform. He can be found blogging about WordPress and front-end development at

Outside of work, David enjoys photography, movies, basketball, and tennis.

WCSD 2015 Session: Shaping Your WordPress Theme with Style

How do I make my theme look like that? If you’ve asked this question before, then you’re probably looking to learn CSS. In this talk, we’ll cover the basics of integrating CSS into your child/starter theme. I’ll show you how to inspect and learn from the styles of your favorite website, and how to find help when you need it. I hope to provide you with the resources to get started on your CSS journey and fully harness the power of WordPress themes.