Getting to know Michele Butcher

Michele is a full time blogger, designer, and all around awesome person. She works for WP Security Lock as their WordPress Security and Plugin Specialist and Speaker/Trainer. Michele started her love for WordPress in 2010 and has never looked back.  She is the Lead Organizer for the Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup.  When not in front of a screen, Michele enjoys life with her family standing behind the camera.

WCSD 2015 Session – Your Site Has Been Hacked, Now What?

One morning you look at your website and it does not look like it should. You have been hacked. Now what do you do? You never thought to update anything because all of the reviews says that the themes and plugins are awesome when you uploaded them 2 years ago. There is this myth that websites are make it and forget it. That is one of the biggest ways the hacker attackers get in. This session will take you through some of the steps to get your site clean and ways to keep it that way. No one wants to be the next hacked site.