Getting to know Pamela Bey

Pamela Bey is the founder of Be Brilliant Media, a web design and tech curriculum development agency. She is a WordPress trainer, UX designer and mentor for women and children. After working as a WordPress teaching assistant for Girl Develop It Philly, she started a new chapter of Girl Develop It South Jersey. In 2013 she started mentoring high school students in WordPress and since then has help lead her students to win hackathons using WordPress. She is currently developing WordPress curricula for the Comcast and Techgirlz high school pilot program. When not working, she’s trying to teach herself Spanish, French, and Italian, simultaneously.

WCSD 2015 Session – Migrating Websites to/from WordPress

Do you have a website built with an outdated CMS, or not using a CMS at all and you wished it were on WordPress? Moving to WordPress doesn’t have to mean starting over from scratch. Depending on the current format of your site, whether it’s basic HTML/CC or using another CMS like Joomla or Drupal, the process for migration will be different…but not impossible.

This session will cover:

  • Analyzing functionality of your existing site
  • Planning the migration process to WordPress
  • Finding a WordPress theme vs Building a new theme
  • Importing content manually and using plugins for importing content