Getting to know Roy Sivan

Roy was born and raised in San Francisco and witnessed the growth of the internet and the companies built on it first hand. He picked up coding at a very young age, and has been a developer in some way for the majority of his life. Sivan has been using WordPress for a long time, he first built on WordPress version 0.7 and has been a user or developer in some capacity since. Today he likes to focus more on what he can build with WordPress that pushes the boundaries of what people think WordPress can do. Roy also likes taking other technologies and finding a way to use them in WordPress.

I also love the community that WordPress has, and am building plugins and web applications which I hope work as tools to help bring the community together. Through ARC(CTRL) we have had the chance to build some great plugins that, as well as web applications like CodingOfficeHours which help people connect and get help from other people in the community.

Roy’s Talk at WCSD 15′

Most people would say WordPress has been evolving since the beginning, but really took a big evolutionary step when Custom Post Types was released in version 3. The WP-API is the next big step in WordPress’s evolution.

A few years ago I wanted to learn AngularJS, but the best way to learn an advanced front end too like Angular is to have a good backend to get data from, I could make static data JSON files, but that wouldn’t be much fun! I decided to build it on WordPress since I knew it so well. Originally I had 1 AngularJS theme that had a huge functions file as I was calling on WP-AJAX and hooking into functions I made to pull data. Ugly, but it worked. I then stumbled on a guy named Ryan who had released a snippet of code which he was using in his Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project, and it was a RESTful API with CRUD endpoints, exactly what I needed.
The WP-API has allowed people to build some really advanced applications and websites already, whether it is allowing their users to connect and get data from the site, or to interact with another technology.

My talk will teach you how to build a single page web application using AngularJS. Client Side technologies, like AngularJS, don’t use the server to render or parse HTML, making them less load on the server, and with a single page application, you are viewing a whole website (or application) from 1 single WordPress page.