Getting to know Tabitha Chapman

Tabby works at the University of California in Irvine as an Academic Applications Developer where she has the joy of working with WordPress for the School of Biological Science’s website. She has worked with WordPress since WordPress 1.5 was a shiny play-thing, developing both plugins and themes; Tabby is always chasing after the latest and greatest standards and best practices. She spends her free time, often, creating complex applications and websites using WordPress. And when she’s not doing that, she desperately trying to catch up on all the things she’s missed out on like “TV” and “Books” and “Friends”.

WCSD 15′ Session: What You Can do with the Heartbeat API

In a world of waterfalls made of your data and information, sometimes it’s a little challenging finding creative ways to capture and display this data from your own perspective. Or perhaps you want to find ways of updating yourself on the latest happenings on your blog while kicking back with your beer hat, without having to deal with hitting refresh all the time. Whatever problem you encounter that requires real-time information, Heartbeat API just might be the solution for you. A beautiful silent conversation between your client and your server can result in some of the most useful and or beautiful work you’ve pretty much ever created. This session is a developer session designed to introduce the beginning to mid-level developer to the concept of the “Heartbeat” and give a working example of how it can be applied in a useful context, as well as some things to think about regarding server performance as you ‘tick’ away on your site.