#WCSD Stickers for All!

One of the perks of attending WordCamp is that you get to take home a bunch of cool swag. This year we have some really cool stickers for you from our sponsor StickerGiant. They have sponsored over 100 WordCamps all over the world. Thanks StickerGiant! Here’s a preview for you. Be sure to grab a few while you’re at #WCSD15!


Sponsor Spotlight: MaxCDN

Thanks MaxCDN for helping #WCSD15 become a reality! MaxCDN is a next-generation content delivery network based in Los Angeles. The whole team is obsessed with speed, automation, real time reports and implementation.

At MaxCDN, the mission is simple: Provide the best possible CDN experience for today’s DevOps teams and the users they serve.

If you want to put some bandwidth through their CDN, head over to maxcdn.com for a free trial.

Sponsor Spotlight: Accusoft

#WCSD15 would like to take a moment and say thanks to Accusoft for helping the community put on this year’s WordCamp. Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions as best-in-class, enterprise grade, fully-supported applications and a globally recognized suite of software development kits (SDKs).

Accusoft products are designed to reliably capture, process, store and view images, documents and more.
Use Accusoft’s comprehensive suite of SDKs to add barcode, compression, DICOM, image processing, OCR/ICR, forms processing, PDF, scanning, video, image viewing and more to applications.

Accusoft’s Prizm Content Connect HTML5 document viewer provides fully customizable viewing, advanced collaboration tools, and document security capabilities. View virtually any file format, including Office, PDF and CAD, and integrate with SharePoint 2013.

Directions to #WCSD15

We want to make sure you have no problems getting to and from #WCSD15. This year we are very excited for you to attend and we have a great schedule planned. The new venue is in San Diego’s beautiful and famous Balboa Park, a real treat for out-of-towners. The following will help you plan for smooth travel to and from the venue.


#WCSD15 will be held at the Hall of Champions. The HoC is located in the Pan American Plaza portion of Balboa Park. This includes lunch and the after party. Here is a map to help you navigate to the event:

More Information:

Balboa Park Map (PDF)

Driving and Parking

Parking in Balboa Park lots is free. There is ample parking in front of the venue (Pan American Plaza) but Saturdays at the Park are very busy so you may have to park in another one of the lots. There are numerous lots and also a tram that runs throughout the Park.


#WCSD T-Shirt Sneak Peek

Aren’t WordCamp t-shirts the best? Of course they are! This year, WordCamp San Diego’s shirts will be sure to turn heads. Attendees will receive the softest, smoothest, best-looking WordCamp t-shirt available anywhere. Without further adieu, here is this year’s #WCSD15 t-shirt:


Be Sure You Have the Right Size Selected

Are you attending #WCSD15? Yes? Good. Be sure that you have the proper t-shirt size selected per ticket you purchased. To change or confirm your size please click on the link below the “You can edit the information for the purchased ticket at any time before the event, by visiting the following link:” within your ticket confirmation email. This link will bring you to a page on this website that has all your specific ticket information, including t-shirt size.