Announcing Products Business Track Speakers

It is with great pleasure that we announce our Speakers for the Product Business Track.

Our goal this year was to build a business track that would be useful to everyone. And to that end, we broke it into two – a product side and a services side.

In our product side, we’ve assembled five speakers we know you’ll love – from across the United States. These are names you know – and the perfect people to give you insight on your product business.

Listed in the order of their sessions:

Andrew Norcross – Sizing a Market (Are there buyers for this product?)
Chris Lema – Pricing (What will they pay?)
Justin Sainton – Building It (Put it on GitHub? Collab? Just team? Outsource?)
Syed Balkhi – Launch & Marketing (How do I get traction?)
Pippin Williamson – A Lead Developer’s Role in Customer Support

So set your calendars and prepare to invite your co-founders and business partners for a day they won’t soon forget.