Announcing Services Business Track Speakers

It is with great pleasure that we announce our Speakers for the Services Business Track.

Our Services Business Track is exactly that – a focus specifically around the world of professional services. When you’re doing custom development you don’t want advice from product people. You want to talk to people who “get” what you’re up to. And that means talking to the well-known and trusted people we’ve invited, from all across California (and Michigan and Texas).

Here they are, in order of their sessions:

Jared Atchison, Bill Erickson – Choosing Clients (They’re not all the same)
Jennifer Bourn – Pricing the Unknown (Dealing with Uncertainty)
Karim Marucchi, Rebecca Gill – Expectations Management (Contracts & Scoping)
Wes Chyrchel – Milestones & Delivery (Tough Conversations / Scope Creep)
Steve Zehngut – Getting Paid (Invoicing & Maintenance Plans)

So set your calendars and prepare to invite your co-founders and business partners for a day they won’t soon forget.

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