Sunday Schedule

Time 1 Product Business Track 2 Service Business Track 3 Theme Development Bootcamp 4 Plugin Development Bootcamp
11:15 amRegistration & Coffee – Doors open at 11:15 am
12:00 pmA Word From Nacin Andrew Nacin
12:40 pmSizing a Market (Are there buyers for this product?) Andrew NorcrossPricing the Unknown (Dealing with Uncertainty) Jennifer BournSetting up a Dev Environment Suzette Franck, Richard Sherman, AJ ZanePhilosophy & Setting Up a Dev Environment Yaron Guez, Matt Cromwell
1:30 pmPricing (What will they pay?) Chris LemaChoosing Clients (They’re not all the same) Bill Erickson, Jared AtchisonGetting Started with Theme Files Suzette Franck, Richard Sherman, AJ ZaneHow to Structure Your Plugin (files & directories) Yaron Guez, Matt Cromwell
2:10 pmBuilding It (Put it on GitHub? Collab? Just team? Outsource?) Justin SaintonExpectations Management (Contracts & Scoping) Rebecca Gill, Karim MarucchiIntegrating your HTML and WP tags Suzette Franck, Richard Sherman, AJ ZaneActions and Hooks – The Keys to WordPress Yaron Guez, Matt Cromwell
2:50 pmLaunch & Marketing (How do I get traction?) Syed BalkhiMilestones & Delivery (Tough Conversations / Scope Creep) Wes ChyrchelFunctions.php & Registereing Enqueuing scripts and styles Suzette Franck, Richard Sherman, AJ ZaneDebugging and Optimizing Yaron Guez, Matt Cromwell
3:30 pmA Lead Developer’s Role in Customer Support Pippin WilliamsonGetting Paid (Invoicing & Maintenance Plans) Steve ZehngutTroubleshooting Suzette Franck, Richard Sherman, AJ ZaneSubmitting Plugin to the Repo Yaron Guez, Matt Cromwell
4:00 pmClosing Remarks

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