Track 2 of 8: Grow into an Admin

Power users or Admins in WordPress aren’t really beginners, they know enough to run their own sites but they may not necessarily want to design a theme or build a plugin.

A lot of folks use WordPress at work and need to learn lessons on caching and optimization, on dealing with having a site that was hacked or migrating and updating sites between services.

We know this is probably one of the larger segments of the community and understand how diverse this group is so we are also doing something a little different this year.

Aside from us coming up with the topics for each track ahead of time and matching speakers to topics, we are putting together some of the best teachers in this area to answer any and all questions you may have.

This is done so that from the start of the day to the end, attendees to the Admin Track will get everything they need to better improve their use of WordPress in their day to day.

So if you have an Admin that runs your WordPress site, or a employee that needs to sharpen his WordPress skills, this track is for them.