Track 6 of 8: Build a Successful Product Business

In 2013, WCSD saw the introduction of the Business Track which was so utterly successful that it had to be broken down into two rotating Sunday sessions so that everyone could sit in and listen.

With the advent of other non WordCamp events like Presenomics and others, we felt it was time to build out the business track in a massive way.

The team this year has split the business track into two segments, a track for those trying to build a Product Business and those trying to build a Service Company.

With the Product Business Track we put together the best topics to teach those working on a Product and are matching the best speakers to those topics, everything from Pricing to Product planning is on the menu.

So if you’re putting together a plugin, theme and or a more general product business for WordPress or inside of WordPress then this is the talk for you and your colleagues.